Sunday, October 29, 2006

Some Profits in the Sky's

"And on page one hundred and six of the flight catalog you'll find the prices for beverages and internet connections..."

This is what you might hear the next time you find yourself on that twelve hour flight. According to Forbes Magazine , Beoing has introduced in flight Wifi to select flights traveling from Germany to LA. This is a great idea that is sorely past it's time. What a better place to sell an internet connection than to a bunch of people who can't move for six to sixteen hours.

"Airlines, which pay probably 500,000 [Dollars] a plane to get Wi-Fi, won't do this if only 2% of people will pay. Our research shows something like 38% of frequent travelers will pay for this." For its part, Boeing anticipates running a profitable business on an uptake rate of 6% of total travelers.
So, would you like "Coffee, Tea Or Broadband"

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