Sunday, April 08, 2007

25% off your next spray on computer?

We've all seen or heard of the spray on tan, but spray on computer? Researchers in Scotland are ready to reveal "
speckled computing"

scientists have developed a computer the size of a matchstick head, thousands of which can be sprayed onto patients to give a comprehensive analysis of their condition.
The basic concept is this; take a bunch of these tiny computers, spray them on a subject and they automatically start to create a wireless network, sending back vital information about your heart rate, oxygen levels, etc...

The individual appliances, or 'specks', will form networks that can be programmed like ordinary computers.

Spraying them directly onto a person creates the ability to carry out different tests at the same time, for example muscle movement and pulse rate. This allows a complete picture of the patient's condition to be built up quickly.


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